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Located at 5000 Preston Hwy Louisville, Kentucky near the airport and the Kentucky Exposition Center, The Godfather Bourbon & Burlesque Club has over 100 Kentucky Bourbons to enjoy in addition to Louisville’s finest looking dancers. Est. 1975 The Godfather’s has been Louisville’s premier club for 45 years and counting. We also offer convenient parking, VIP rooms and TV’s galore.

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When I arrived I was greeted by a friendly staff member and all night had great service and there was many girls that danced, talked and hung out with me and my brother. I have nothing bad to say as it was a well run establishment.

thumb Bradley Hamand
November 20, 2021

I am a rap artist named DoughMaster and I also deliver for Pizza Hut. I delivered to Godfathers having no idea what it was. So I go into the entrance and right away see 3 butts in g-strings. Oh my. I have been looking for a strip club to go to for the 2 years I have been in Louisville. The DoughMaster might have found what he was looking for. And it seems safe. Don't know about the prices as I didn't stay. But I will be coming back. Ps: to the guy who payed for the order, thanks for the tip. Also, YouTube DoughMaster. I am the ONLY x-rated rap artist in America.

thumb Dan Ramey
January 23, 2023

When walking to the bathroom I saw a lady that works there still on the floor going through her purse searching for something later on my friend bought a dance from her in a private room which cost $60 she then spend 2 minutes dancing and the rest that I'm having him help her search through the cushions looking for something she lost in her purse

thumb Bridget Ferguson
November 23, 2019

Great spot but BRING YOUR OWN CASH!! The ATM is never loaded and when it is its a $25! charge. Good seating area and 2 stages 😍

thumb Kitty Kat
February 14, 2022

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